Friday, February 4, 2011

Embarrassing Moment #678 and #679

Today has been very eventful!  Two embarrassing moments in one day!  I think I'm on a roll.  Maybe I should shoot for THREE!!
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Mornings at our house are not the best judge of character.
We like to think of our family as:
mild mannered
tech savvy

Well, you get the picture.  Mornings however are the complete opposite.  We (all four of us) like to sleep in as loooonnnnggggg as possible.  Then we go in get the girls bring them back to our warm cozy bed and read scriptures so we can extend the 'getting out of bed and get ready for the day" routine.  Yes, it's not the most responsible thing but it is the most comfortable, snuggled, personal family time we have all day.

Then at the last possible moment - 8am - we all jump out of bed and run for our rooms, showers, closets, kitchen to get dressed, backpacks ready, agendas signed, hair done, teeth brushed, shoes found, dishes loaded, meds taken, vitamins swallowed, phones unplugged and run out the door.

Today was no different.  It was cold, we didn't want to get out of our warm cozy bed.  We were rushing as usual just upped a notch.  I got my meds (arthritis/thyroid) and Cassidy's meds (attention), a drink of water ready for us to share then without thinking........

Took all the meds myself.

Yep, now you know I'm just a normal, non-morning type person who needs to come up with a better morning routine to save every one's sanity.  Including my own.

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Today while at work Tom came in and gave me two checks to deposit.  I dutifully filled out the deposit slip, and tucked them into my wallet.  Later we went to lunch and while driving back to the office I spotted the bank.  I said, "there's .........Bank. Pull over and let me make a deposit."  So we pulled in to the drive up window, I got out my wallet, handed over the checks and deposit slip.  I realized I hadn't endorsed the checks (mistake #1).  Then we couldn't find a pen and had to ask the teller to borrow one. (they just hate love that!).  We handed over the checks when the teller said, "you filled out a deposit slip for a different bank".  (mistake #2)  Tom and I were going back and forth.."ooops that's so silly, how embarrassing, uh could we fill out one of your deposit slips, can we borrow the pen back?"  Then since we didn't have a deposit slip for that bank we had to hand over our debit card and ID.  Then we said, "never mind, can we just have the checks back?"  (mistake #3)  The teller said sure let me un-endorse them first."  Then Tom realized that would be pain so we just deposited the checks into the account (our old account).  I guess I will have to go write myself a check and switch the money over to our new account.  

Moral of the story:
A) Make sure you remember what bank you go to at all times.
B) Don't make a dumb money mistake when you have a top financial expert / ex-banker in the car with you.
C) Do everything you can to make light of the situation even though you are dying inside of major embarrassment! 
D) Cassidy's attention medicine has not helped me in the slightest - obviously!

We did just recently switch banks.  
We had been with our old bank for 16 years.
Our old bank has a branch on every corner it seems and so far i only know of two branches for our new bank.

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