Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top 10 tuesday

The Top 10 Photo's from my Phone.

BTW my computer is still broken.  We got it back but it wasn't quite fixed up all the way and we were still having issues.  You don't know how dependent you are on your computer until you don't have one.  It really has become a need vs. a want.  I miss it and need it back soon.

I started doing couponing.  I hate coupons but thought I would give it a try.  It's been fun and I have saved a lot of money on expensive household items.  Prices are going up so fast it's nice to know I have found a way to play their game....and WIN!  HA!

We had quite a ruckus in our neighborhood last week.  Helicopters, swat teams, police from every city around.  My neighbors and I banded together and went down to investigate.  Quite the drama I might add!  It could have been a little scary but I have a bunch of crazy-fun gals on my street that can make any situation hilarious.

We babysat my friends dog over the weekend.  A little itty bitty chihuahua named Dixie.  The girls are in love and the dog comes to me when she needs protection or a nap.  She is growing on me (wink)

This is the nice message along with others that are popping up on my computer.  The dirty rotten scoundrels!

My Mom had this album and all growing up we would put it on and dance to the music.  My brother Matt sent me an e-mail reminding us of this very album and while I was at lunch the other day there it was!  Right on the wall.  I remember showing this to my friends when I was about 8 years old and thinking "Wonder why this girl is covered in whipping cream?"

I don't think Miss Abb's love of shoes is going to lesson over time.  In fact....it's getting worse!

My Easter dress that I bought at one store and my Easter shoes that match to a "T" that I found at a different store.  What are the odds?

This is going to get a post all on it's own when I get my computer back because I want to show the whole room re-do.  However, here is a sneak peek of my new ottoman thanks to several different friends and a very special mother who helped me bring it to life.  I am in LOVE!

My kids have been swimming in our freezing pool for at least a month now.  They are crazy and I love it!  Their new game is playing with water balloons from the dollar store in the pool.  it makes a BIG mess when they pop but they have a blast so it's worth it.

Stopped into my new favorite cupcake place to say hi to the owner and saw this cake stand she was going to fill for a wedding.  isn't it divine?  I want to make one on a smaller scale for....something.  I don't know what but it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! 

What's your Top 10 this week?  

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AZ Smurfette said...

Such a fun post! Glad to see you're doing fun things! ;) Man that puppy is cute! If only I could get my hands on her... ha. LOVE LOVE the ottoman, your room is delightful!