Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

My 10 Thoughts For Today

1)  I'm thinking of deleting my Facebook account.  I am about 75% sure I'm going to do it.  I love the interaction with my friends but don't know if FB is putting my personal info out there when I don't want them too.  Thoughts?
2)  I'm in purge mode.  With summer coming I can't seem to stop loading my car with things we don't use/need anymore.  Sadly it's not making a difference in our closet spaces.  In my next house (who knows when that will be) I'm dreaming of two pantries.  One for food and supplies and one for all my entertaining pretties.  You know, cake plates, platters, party supplies.  I think I have a problem in the party supply area. (wink)
3)  This weekend I sent most of it outside working on my pool area and garden.  I have a ton of pots out by my pool and the plants in them had all died this winter due to the freeze.  I donned my swimsuit in hopes of getting a tan and went to work.  I looks so much better and everyday I go out there to see how pretty everything looks.  I can't wait for the little plants to fill out and start cascading over the edges of the pots.  It makes swimming that much better when there's pretty things to look at (besides my darling girls of course!)  I only wish my pool and garden looked like this:
and this:
4) My girls are getting excited about summer.  Today they asked what were going to be doing for "Fun Friday".  It's a summer tradition around here and gives the girls something to look forward to each week.  We are also going to have cousin swim day at our house which will be a nice way to see our family each week. *Fun Friday is where the kids pick out one activity to do each week and we get a bunch of mom's/kids to go have some fun.  The activities are things like: the Science Center, Mini Golf, Go to the Movies, Skateland etc.*
5) Speaking of fun things to do this summer...here's a cute project from "mycakies" you could do with the kids:
 And here's a copy of the e-mail I sent to my brothers about it:

I saw this and thought it would be so fun to have one of these for the kids. 
Then I realized my kids are BIG and it made me sad. 
Then I thought...........who cares and decided to make one anyway. 
Then I thought it would be fun to share the idea with you for your kids this summer. 
Think..."quilt frame fort...... but better!"

Love Cara

*when we were young (OK even when we were big) my Mom would set her quilting frames up right in the middle of the living room.  It was the only space big enough in our little California Cottage for her to do this.  Because it took up the entire room we would sit under it with our pillows and blankets and watch TV or make it into a secret fort (even though it wasn't very secret).  Good times were had under those quilting frames.*
6) Tomorrow I'm taking a Lightroom class.  I'm so excited!  I bought myself Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom when Tom graduated last year with his student discount and have tried to figure it out without much luck.  Tomorrow will be the day where I learn all the tricks.  I hear it's pretty awesome and you don't need much else if you've got this.  Can't wait........
7)  Here are some fun DIY tricks I've found over on tumblr...man I love my tumblr.......for more great ideas click here.
 Soda can picture hanger found here - apartment therapy
Since having computer issues I have been plugging and unplugging things more than I care to admit.  This would have been very helpful and is on my to-do list.  I just love clever people don't you? apartment therapy

I have a silver platter like this and would love to do this!  Darling!

8) Along with getting rid of Facebook I'm thinking about getting rid of our satellite TV.  There's never anything good on and I would rather have the extra money to spend on something like........cute shoes or more cake stands hee hee.
9) Tom took the girls to Disneyland this weekend for the last time.  Our passes expired today so they wanted one more hurrah.  I think it's the end of an era.  The girls were talking about going to a park that had roller coasters for BIG girls.  The bigger and scarier the better they said.  Oh boy.......I think I may have some thrill seekers on my hands.
10) I need a good book to read.....any suggestions?


K D said...

I have read you on my reader ever since your 52 weeks of gratitude project.
I don't normally comment, but if you want a great novel recommendation (from a stranger) I have to tell you how much I have LOVED reading Kate Morton's novels. "The Forgotten Garden" seems only appropriate for your site, but I also read "The House at Riverton" and am currently reading (loving) "The Distant Hours".
Good Luck!

Sarah said...

I'm with you on the FB and satellite!

Lauralee said...

love that a frame tent... too fun! go for the FB delete... I always feel like I should too, then I think I might miss something... you know, like what someone ate for dinner... :)
Satellite too-
someone already suggested Kate Morton, I am reading the same book as that other commenter.. but I am wondering if I heard about Kate Morton on your site! :)
have a good one. I just really like you! Hope that doesn't creep you out!

AZ Smurfette said...

read my favorite book! the mercy of thin air! or girl in translation or the book for MY book club at My house in June... the man in the white sharkskin suit! :)