Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Slurpee's

Today was 7/11 which means FREE Slurpee's at 7/11!  

Cassidy is a wiz at remembering dates.  She remembers birthday's anniversary's, when we got our cat, when random events happen.  One year we were traveling on 7/11 and heard on the radio that it was Free Slurpee day.  Every time we stopped for gas or to get a snack we tried to find a 7/11.  We got a lot of Slurpee's that day!  Since then Cassidy is our little reminder and we have made it a summer tradition.

I haven't had a Slurpee since high school and I have to admit it was DE-LISH!  I got pina-colada and it cooled me right off on the way home.  In fact I was freezing and had to turn the A/C off - haha

Did you go get your free Slurpee yesterday?
P.S. you have to go early - when the free cups run out...that's it - no more free Slurpee's.

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