Tuesday, July 12, 2011

L.A. Farmers Market - 40 Before 40

This weekend I checked another thing off my 40 before 40 list. Going to the Original Farmers Market and the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Let me tell you...it was so fun and totally worth the drive!  Two friends of mine willingly came along to help me put a check on my list.  Thanks Chelsa and Glenda for going with me!

I grew up going to farmers markets.  In fact there was one every Sunday right across the street from our house at Hartnell Collage in Ca. My Dad would walk over early and get fresh flowers to put on his beloved grand piano and fruit and veggies for our Sunday dinner or fresh muffins for breakfast.  Then during the summer on Thursdays the town would close Old Town Main Street (four blocks) and have a farmers market.  There would be local produce (um...our town was called "The Salad Bowl of the World" so we had GREAT produce!) live music and artisans showcasing their wares.  One of my favorite Farmers Markets is the one in San Luis Obispo - man they sure know how to do it!  Click HERE for more info - worth the stop if you are going that way!

When I knew we were going to L.A. and would be close to The Original Farmers Market it just had to go on my list.  It is mostly food venders and vintage items - toys, collage items, funky junk.  We walked and ate and ate and ate.  Breakfast never tasted so good!

Produce in C.A is like a work of art.  It's so fresh and BIG and the colors are so vibrant!  When I moved to A.Z. and went to the grocery store I was shocked at how much smaller the produce was compared to C.A.  These artichokes made me homesick!

  Of course whenever I go to CA I have to have a doughnut.  There is just something special about CA and "their doughnuts that are as big as your head"!  Bob's Doughnuts are pretty famous and I had yet to try one.  We got a chocolate and an old fashioned and I have.got.to.say......that old fashioned was the best doughnut I have ever had!  It had spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and the flavors were "a party in my mouth" as I like to say.  Oh boy, now that I am writing about it I want one right now! 

I also had an almond croissant which is another CA tradition for me.  AZ just doesn't have bakery's like CA does.  (my two favorite jobs I have had?  Working at a florist and a bakery!)  However...I ate the almond croissant before I could take a picture of it! Sorry about that.  It was delicious.

Thanks Chelsa and Glenda for the FUN!
The L.A. Original Farmers Market was a perfect way to start the day.  
Good food, good friends, beautiful weather=a perfect Saturday♥
Check back to hear all about the houses we saw and the Rose Bowl Flea Market!

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Emily Wilson said...

I am so looking forward to seeing pictures of and reading about the flea market!