Thursday, July 14, 2011

♥ House Love ♥

On my little weekend get-a-way to Pasadena I fell in LOVE with the houses there.  I mean come on....houses in Cali have soooo much more personality than the houses here in the desert do.  (no offense desert)

 OK I didn't fall in love with this house but it was quite comical and it is on the corner of a busy street so everyone can see it for sure...without a doubt.  I'm sure that's what the owner intended.

What I loved most was the tree lines streets.  In the movies the characters always live on a tree lined street where there is a canopy of leaves that you drive under to get home.  I found it on this trip!  I didn't get any pictures of the houses on the beautiful drive to the Rose Bowl but I have to say that going from our Hotel to the Rose Bowl Flea Market was just as fun as the flea market itself.  The trees, houses and curb appeal was breathtaking.  The houses above in the pictures are what I like to refer to as "excuse me houses"  When you drive by one you say, "excuse me!  Who lives in that house!"  The houses in Pasadena were more realistic and just as beautiful if not more.  Remember this house?
The House in The Father of the Bride?  The house with the amazing tree lined streets?  Yep...Pasadena!  Here's the kicker.......I read that this house was in Pasadena the day after I came back from.....Pasadena.  Ugh!  Seriously!  I guess I will just have to go back!?  (photo courtesy of Dear Old Hollywood)

Anyway, I think I may have a house addiction.  When we drove by the above neighborhood where I took the pictures I got all giddy with excitement and was bouncing up and down in my seat.  I made Chelsa turn the car around and go back.  I have issues. It could be worse....houses don't make you gain weight.  Haha


*katie said...

Oh MY! That second house is truly amazing. Ick! :)

robin said...

i share in your house addiction.

i enjoy nothing better than driving around and looking at houses. it truly makes my heart pound faster and gets my endorphins kicking.

the kids are so sick of me "looking at houses." i do it all the time. they always say, "i hate houses!" whenever i take the long way home to discover a new neighborhood.

boca raton completely lacks the charm of pasadena (one of the most charming cities) so it's not very exciting... florida houses are just so, bleh.

have you ever looked at the blog "hooked on houses"? i love it.