Sunday, February 26, 2012

Naming a House

Does your house have a name?  I named my house years ago when I moved to AZ from California. Our house had a huge front garden that had a bridge you had to walk over to get to the front door.  We named it Gardenview Cottage because of the view of the garden and to remind me of home.  The houses in Carmel CA all have names like Hollyhock House, Birdsong, Canary Cottage Seahorse, and Camelot.  It's so fun to drive around Carmel and see the unique names of the cottages there.  It's my favorite place in the world!
(our front door before we made it into a dutch door)

In Victorian times people didn't have house numbers, the addresses were usually the owners name and maybe the place where the house was located or the house name and town it was in.  This was all fine and dandy until they got a new postman who didn't know anyone or the town got so big that the houses had duplicate names.

My friend lives in the cutest cottage in my favorite neighborhood here in town.  We are trying to come up with a name for her house since it would fit so perfectly with where she lives.  There are several ways to go about naming your house.  Here are a few examples:

1. Use descriptive names to describe where you live:  Sunny, Retro, Green, Shady, peaceful.
2. What's near you, Location:  Farm, Pond, Orchard, (I wish all these were outside my front door!) Hillside, berry, quail, groves, cactus, etc.
3.  What kind of home do you have? Cottage, cabin, shack, house, hut, manor, palace, retreat, cove, by-the-sea (I wish my house was by-the-sea), adobe.

Now you are ready to name your house!  Here are a few I came up with for my friend:

1. Cherry Tree Cottage (she would have to plant a cherry tree)
2. Green Haven (she has a bright apple green front door)
3. The nook ( her house is so cute and nook-ish)
4. Crown Cottage (because she has crowns everywhere inside her house)
5. Queen's Terrace (she has a cute little patio that she just finished)
6. Chickadee Haven
7. Chic Shack
8. Sunnyside Cottage (because her house is east and south facing and gets a ton of sun!)

Another great way to come up with a name for your house is to look at house plans.  they usually name each house plan with a fun name to help you fall in love with their houses.  My favorite home designer is William E. Poole  He has a lot of different house plans that make me want to move to the south and live there forever.  Some of my favorite home names by him are:
1. Belle Grove
2. Holly Ridge
3. Twin Oaks
4. Woodbridge
5. Saint Remy
6. Backyard bungalow
7. Morningside
8. Windsong
Click on the link (William E. Poole) and you can view all his amazing house plans.

Here's my favorite WEP house

So friends, does your house have a name and if not....what would you name it if you did?

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AZ Smurfette said...

Oh, I really like Cherry Tree Cottage!