Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yesterday I had the strongest urge to blog again.  I have been so busy lately and kind of in a funk and I just haven't wanted to sit down and write.  Not anymore!  My mind is filled with blog posts that need to get out.  Funny how life is...isn't it?

Cassidy has been sick for a week.  An entire week.  Missed school, laid on the couch and has just felt awful. Today I'm being the mean mom and making her do homework all day long.  She hates me. ♥

We garage saleing this morning - it was a bust.  I bought two boxes of cool nails (the kind you hammer into things - not the kind you stick on your fingers), two water bottles (brand new of course), a Mexican blanket for Tom's Capote thing for Scouts, and just missed an amazing patio/pool furniture set that was dreamy and Potter Barn-ish.  Maybe next week will be better.

My house is clean, our pool is finally working, the weather is glorious.  Happy Saturday!

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AZ Smurfette said...

Oh how I've missed you! Good luck garage saleing! love to go w/ you! :)