Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Family Style

We had Easter dinner at my brother Kurt's house.  Everyone was there except Matt's family.  We had yummy food, sang happy birthday to Berk who turned 4 and played Kurt's amazing new game- Angry Peeps!  He's so clever! It was a real life Angry Birds game but with marshmallow peeps! The kids had a blast.  Once the sun when down we hunted for Easter eggs in the dark with flashlights.  This will be a new family tradition for sure.  They loved it.  (And lets be honest.....because its dark it takes them twice as long to find eggs which helps the fun last longer!)

The kids playing Kurt's awesome homemade game of "Angry Peeps"

Kurt in his very fashionable modern day version of lederhosen. 

Glow-in-the-dark-bracelets for the kids while egg hunting in the dark.
This was the highlight of the night BTW

 Cass, Garrett, Abby, Harley, Zac, Berk, Will
Kurt, Joey and my kids. (missing Matt's kids (4 of them)

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