Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pulling the Plug

I pulled the to speak.
 I canceled our satellite T.V.
I sent back the DVR - gasp!
I'm not going to lie, it was hard.

Not for the kids.  They didn't even know.  Again, they..didn't..even..know!  My kids aren't big T.V. watchers and if they did watch T.V. it was Netflix through our Wii.  They are play outside, swim all day, climb trees kind of kids.  I pulled the plug because I was sick of paying $70 a month for a bunch of channels and shows we didn't watch.  I could count on one hand the shows we watched on a regular basis and that didn't justify $70 a month. 

So I pulled the plugs out of all the components and sent them back. There was no going back.  We were done with paying for junk.

I lasted about three days.  Then I had some major regrets.  Did you know that if you don't have dish, or cable you can't even get regular free T.V.?  Who knew?  I missed my morning T.V.  Matt Lauer and Al Roker kept me company every day while I cleaned the kitchen and got the house fixed up.  Kelly Rippa with her non-stop chatter made the house seem less lonely when the kids were at school. there was just silence.

I couldn't take it.   My cousin Amy raved about her Roku.  My SIL raved about her Apple TV.  My bother told me to get a digital antenna.  Oh boy, what do I do?  I can now see why people keep their cable, it's so much easier!

I wasn't going to let my silent house or the cable company win. This was 2012!  The era of the digital age!

I researched out my options and I decided to go with the Roku.  You buy it once and plug it into your T.V. easy-peasy.  No monthly fee, no commitments just T.V.  This is not an advertisement for Roku.  I am not being paid for this post (although Roku if you are reading, I wouldn't mind another one!).  I like it because everything is on demand.  I just click and watch.  Pretty simple.  I will admit that I did go buy an antenna so I could get my morning fix of Matt, Al and Kelly.  All in all for the Roku and antenna - a one time fee of $85.00.  Not bad. I'm liking it and have a long list of things I will be spending that $70 a month on.

Thanks Roku!

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Mardi said...

We have 2 Roku units and have for about 4 years. They are really nice. I applaud you for getting rid of the cable box. That is a big challenge at out house. Our winters are no fun at all and when spend so much time in doors for Nov - May.