Friday, September 7, 2012

Baptism Pictures

 My little niece was getting baptized which means photo-shoot from her favorite Aunt Cara. 
 Since we had four baptisms on Tom's side this year I thought I would take all three 
(that live here) along and do a photo-shoot together.  
I could die from the cuteness in these photo's.  
I need to get my act together and get these printed for my MIL before she sees them here on the blog. 
(these are supposed to be a surprise for her)

Are you with me on the cuteness factor?  
Look at sweet Joseph putting his arms around his cousins. 

 Such little sweeties.
I love that they are so close in age.
(only a few months apart)
We are missing our cousin Mac who lives in MO that also got baptized this year.

These two.  
They have been best friends since birth.
I know they were besties in Heaven too.  
They love eachother like sisters - without all the fighting.

 Miss Amberly.  My sweet little angel girl♥

London, Congratulations on getting baptized into 
We Love You!

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Linda Hartong said...

Gorgeous pics of the kis. . They will treasure those memories