Monday, December 3, 2012

Bali Birthday's for the Girls

My girls are 5 years and 5 days apart.  Both born in December. (me too) So every other year I do an easy breezy swimming party at Grandma's clubhouse in her community to save my sanity.  It's breathtaking over there and I try to take full advantage any chance I can get. Plus it's December in AZ and who doesn't like to swim in December when it's still in the 80's?

I love One Charming Party for her amazing birthday party ideas and free printables.  I took full advantage of the Bali Party and put my own spin on it along with her cute ideas.

 Amberly with a sarong I made out of t-shirt material.

We did the girls parties on the same day but at different times.  One time set up and a little refreshing in between and one clean up.  Both girls felt like they had their own party and I felt like I got the best deal by getting them over with in a few short hours. 

Swimming is lovely in the heated pool.  The hot tub is nice too.  

We had fruit, popcorn and pizza.  

Cassidy doesn't like cake so she chose a cheesecake.  

Some of the younger girls got creative with their fruit and made faces.

Amberly wanted a BIG cake so I caved and bought one.  
I normally make my own but....I was going for easy-breezy so don't judge me. 

The girls played volleyball while waiting for everyone to show up.

My sweet girl turning 14!

We even dressed up for the party. 

My baby turning 9!

The favorite thing  at the party for both ages was being able to make their own Bali Sandals.  I bought some inexpensive t-shirt material and cut them into strips.  Then you just twist around the toe and lace up the leg.

The Bali sandals were a BIG hit!

Here's to another set of birthday parties over and done and two happy girls♥!

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