Tuesday, April 23, 2013

California Vacation Get-a-Way

I went on a little girls trip this past weekend.  We headed over to L.A. for a few days to go to the Long Beach Flea Market.  I didn't get many pictures of the flea market but if you click HERE it will take you to a cute blog named : Adore-Vintage and she has some great pictures of cute stuff that is there to buy.

We didn't buy anything BIG because we didn't have the room but we each walked away with a few treasures that made us happy.  We also burned a lot of calories from all the walking.  We went up and down each and every isle!

I would put this as #2 on the list.  #1 would definitely be the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  It's dreamy and....perfect!

Next on the list was Venice CA. and Bountiful .  A dreamy little shop I have been wanting to go to for at least 10 years.  It has been featured in so many magazines and seen on several HGTV decorating shows and it was my one request.   Can I just say it did not disappoint.

 This is just a little tiny corner of the store.  The.entire.store.was.like.this.in.every.direction!  WOW!
I'm not quite sure if it was really cool or straight out of an episode of hoarders. It sure was a lot to take in and it was all.........amazing!  Every nook and cranny was filled with eye candy.

It was claustrophobic and amazing all at once.  
A must see if you are ever near Venice.

P.S. I wanted to buy a cake stand.....in pink.  Next time.
For more pictures of Bountiful and a home tour click HERE- Chateau De Fleurs

*We also went to Rogers Gardens - I fell in LOVE!And came home with a trunk full of plants.
*We ate at Lemonade-la - I was in healthy heaven!
*We went to the coolest Tom's store that had Toms, a coffee shop, an internet cafe, several  outdoor patio's  for conversing.  Downright the coolest place I have ever been to.
*The Venice Canals were unbelievable.   I have seen them on TV but hey are so much better in real life!
*Balboa island was a dream come true.  I thought nothing could compare to Carmel Ca but it came pretty darn close.  I fell in love with all the houses, dutch doors, patios, entryways, sidewalks, shops and the ocean.


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