Monday, May 13, 2013

The German Baby

Some friends of ours have five children.  Their baby has been nicknamed "The German".  He even has his own hashtag on Instagrm!  His Dad wanted to do a little photoshoot for his wife for mothers day and to document his 3rd birthday.  I suggested we use the vintage lederhosen I happen to have in my ceder chest at home.  All my brothers wore it when they were little because my Mom was into embracing our heritage.

So after much coaxing and bribing we got "The German" into the lederhosen for his 3rd Birthday pictures.
*He was excited that he was wearing a reindeer.*

Adorable!  He has my heart.  Those big blue eyes.  I could die from the cuteness.

Happy Mothers Day Meg!

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jaronmeg said...

Cara, you are a sweetheart. I adore these pics and will treasure my them forever. thanks a million!