Friday, May 24, 2013

Senior Pictures for Sariah

I dabble in photography.  I say dabble because it's a hobby of mine not a profession. I have taken a few classes over the years for the sole purpose of taking decent pictures of my kids and record our daily lives here on the blog.  I love taking individual shots of people.  I love, love, love having that blurred background, making the person POP right out of the shot.  It's my favorite.

I felt honored when my niece Sariah asked me to take her senior pictures.  It took us months and months to get our schedules to line up (she's quite the popular/busy girl!) but we had so much fun getting these great shots!  She's beautiful inside and out, sweet, kind hearted, very, very smart, giving of her time and talents and most of all the BEST big sister to her six younger brothers and an amazing example to all those around her.
 Love you Sariah ♥

Message me and I'll let you in on her darling dress.  
She lucked out finding it and it was perfect for her pictures.

That smile! It's so contagious!

This girl is an amazing volleyball player.  Like seriously.....she's GOOD!
Because of her my girls are following in her footsteps and loving playing volleyball. 

She's off to collage and I am so excited for her and to see where life takes her on her new adventure.

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*katie said...

These are beautiful! She's beautiful! Great job!