Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Lucy and Ethel Moment

Rose Rustling with Monica and Abby

I always seem to get myself into little messes. Maybe because I sometimes feel braver than I should, or I listen to people when they tell me to do crazy things or how about I sometimes still feel like a teenager when I should feel like a mature adult. What ever the reason, here's the story of yet another "Lucy and Ethel Moment". (Here's a link to the 1st episode) Notice that both episodes involve Monica so I'm not the only daring one (wink).
About this time of year in the valley it has cooled off and the roses are blooming. Big beautiful blooms and in abundance. After the long hot summers they are ready to strut their stuff and shine! This year however it has still been in the 90's and the roses are blooming but they dry up as fast as they bloom. I wanted to gather roses for Amy's shower I was helping with for the centerpieces and am a little finicky with what I wanted. I didn't want commercialized roses. They look to.........fake. I wanted the big beautiful blooms of the roses in peoples yards. So off we went in search of beautiful blooms.

Our 1st stop was Crystals. I didn't feel bad taking her roses because they were my roses 1st. I had 30 rose bushes at our old house and before they tore it down Crystal came and transplanted the roses in her beautiful yard. I also gave away trees, plants, fences, flagstone and much much more. But that's a post for another day.

Her roses were blooming and we got a huge basket full with her permission of course. We had fun talking to her since we don't get to see her very often. Abby somehow got into a huge ant pile and we had to hose her off. I never said rose picking was easy. After we filled our baskets at Crystals I went next door and took the only bloom that house had. (I'm naughty I know - but no one lives there so it was a freebie) There was a house down the street that had BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS. I'm not sure why theirs was blooming more than others but I wanted THOSE roses. We went to a few other houses but found nothing. Finally I got my courage up and Monica drove us back to the beautiful blooms. I knocked on the door but no one was home. What do I do? Well, with the help and coaxing of Monica I went to town on that persons roses. I was cutting as fast as I could. I was cutting so fast that I was cutting more than just the roses (oops!) I was shaking and cutting. I kept yelling at Monica, " I think someones coming!" She kept telling me there wasn't so I kept cutting. At one point Monica said to Abby "Abby, I'm scared." When I couldn't fit any more in the basket I ran to the car and we raced off. I was shaking so bad and when I got in the car I said, "I'm traumatized!" We laughed and headed off to Aimee's and Linda's to see if I could cut her roses. I ended up getting plenty of beautiful blooms and the tables for the shower looked lovely with my rustled roses.

Now, I have to tell you the rules of roses. People with rose bushes, avid rose growers know that sharing the beautiful blooms is common. It even has a name. Rose Rustling. However, asking permission is the 1st step. I guess I threw that step out the window. Well, not really...I tried to ask they just weren't home.
The "Rustled Roses" all ready for Amy's shower


Dancin Queen said...

Hee hee--totally Lucy and Ethel.

idahohubers said...

I love reading about your escapades. BTW I finally decided that I want to stay till the wedding. I just haven't seen enough of everyone yet! We'll have to have our camera play day now. Talk to you soon.

Jennifer said...

I've been waiting for this one.... I love this story and boy did it make everything so beautiful! you're the best!

Crystal Star said...

They look beautiful!!! I wish I had followed you secretly to take pictures of you in the middle of your little crime. I picture you saying to Monica, like Chloe the dog says to Clifford the dog: "Come on, have I ever steered you wrong?" Monica- you know this isn't the last Lucy & Ethel episode right? You would think the ant attack would have slowed you down. You crack me up.

Webb Family said...

That is so funny! We used to call my mom and Aunt Lucy & Ethel. The roses are beautiful!!!