Saturday, March 27, 2010

100 Day of School

I never posted pictures of the 100 Day at school!  I'm so sad.  I thought to myself..."Oh well, it's too late..." and then I thought, "NO!  I'm going to post them so I can remember for next year and do it again!"

So here is what we did for the 100 Day of School Party.

I had a couple of Mom's come help and we did stations.
1) Making a paper chain that's 100 rings.
2) Counting out a snack in 10's.  10 goldfish, 10 fruit loops, 10 gummy bears etc.
3) Making a card with 100 things on it.
4)  there's more we did but I can't remember what.  See why it's important to blog right away on stuff like this?
And my favorite thing was making this 100 Things That We Love board in the classroom.

I went a day early and asked the kids for some things that they loved.  I can't tell you enough how fun this was.  I thought they would sit there looking at me clueless and I would have to help them.  NOPE!!!  They had no problem telling me all sorts of things.  You will have to enlarge the picture to see but some of the answers were sooo creative!

I did the words in five different fonts and sizes.  That way they were all a little different.  

Then I stapled the words around a large sign I made that said:
100 Things we Love
Mrs. Haydens
1st Grade Class

Then we hung the 100 paper chain around the board. 
Have you ever made one of these for you or your family?
We have one that I did that's on a  12x12 cardstock. 
I need to do another one because I did it when Abby was a brand new baby 
and Cassidy was 5!  Alot has changed since then.
I will try and do this again for Abby's class next year.  
If I get the 2nd grade teacher I want I know she will let me.
Fingers crossed!

Here's a link to my 1st post with more detailed party info: 100 Day Party


Anny said...

So cute. I love the "101 things we love" idea and should do it for our family. You are so good.

Webb Family said...

What a cute idea!!!
Was Abby's favorite "helping her mom"? You are so creative!

sara@augustfields said...

i think your bulletin board turned out so cute! i've not heard of the 100 day celebration (probably b/c we homeschool :) )...but it sounds like a great idea!

Kass said...

I'm speechless. That is soo dang cute and that teacher is the luckiest ever. Where were you when I taught those 6 years???